CLOSEUP: The Philadelphia Zoo
Delayed by the Civil War, the Philadelphia Zoo opened in 1874. It housed animals captured during Safaris by the Smithsonian Institution, before the Washington D.C. National Zoo was built. It is regarded as one of the premier Zoos for breeding animals that are difficult breeding in captivity.
Landscape & Travel
My favorite thing to do is travel and see unique places across America. I have been fortunate enough to visit 25 out of the 58 National Parks & Forests, and I hope one day to see them all.
Architecture and street photography has always fascinated me. Exploring a city can be just as exciting as the countryside. The hard edges of buildings and streets mingling with foot traffic of people going about their day creates an environment where photography can cut through the distractions and sounds of everyday urban lifestyle.
The part I find fascinating about exploring our world is finding the past tucked away. Whether it is an old crumbling house, an abandoned hotel, or even a highway where cars no longer travel, it puts into perspective the things we leave behind for future generations to discover.
Weddings are a fantastic opportunity for photos, as two families come together to celebrate the union of their loved ones. I have been photographing and doing videography for weddings since 2000. The first wedding I ever worked was my High School photography instructor's. His confidence in me then, helped form my career as someone who would tell the stories of these celebrations and events for many years to come.
Portraits are a way to capture a person's appearance and their expression at a given time, but they can create a part of ourselves that lives on as a certain icon. We use them to express our look to others on social media, or simply to hang in a frame to show friends and family. Capturing people is a joy, as it expands our own understanding of ourselves.
Helping businesses and organizations with their goals of reaching a target audience can be challenging. An image can convey exactly the mood and tone to invite customers into a relationship with a business they trust, whether it is a shiny product shot, or a delicious menu item, photography goes a long way in ensuring the future.
The Hidden World
Beneath our feet, or sometimes right under our nose, is a whole other world filled with life and structures beyond what we usually imagine. With optics becoming readily more available to the public, we can see the world open up with new structures and life.
Birds are our connection with the past as well as the sky. They have lived and observed us for as long as we have observed them. Humans have dreamed of taking to the skies as birds, and we have invented the tools using research based on these feathered friends.
Garden of the Surreal
I always wanted to take photography further into my roots as a illustrator and designer. Surreal imagery for me is using composite and various other techniques to achieve something that can only be imagined or dreamed. Some self portrait photos are unedited.
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